Europoort Construction B.V. gives your design shape by doing the work preparation, purchasing and manufacturing of  steel structures, machining and pipework. Basically, but not limited,  for the oil and gas, petrochemical and ship building/repair industry.


Each Product is being made with the greatest care at Europoort Construction B.V.

Our motto is: “First think, then do”. The flexible setting to our customer, is also a very strong point of Europoort Construction B.V.


Its mission is to complete the clients product or project within the most sufficient way of working and within the best time.

This means that Europoort Construction is at your service for 24hrs and day 7 days a week, by serving their clients with their best resources and expertise.


Europoort Construction delivers:

  • Project management
  • Engineering
  • Work Preparation and Purchasing
  • Prefabrication in work shop
  • Machining
  • Testing and certification
  • Quality Control
  • Outdoor Projects
  • Outdoor Repair work
  • Flexible manpower and work forces
  • Scaffolding work
  • Blasting and Painting


With a strong, young and willing workforce we serve our clients with the best care, within expectations and on time.