Europoort Construction B.V. Is a specialized construction and welding company with extensive experience and know-how in the field of ship repair and offshore construction for the oil and gas industry.

At the Waalhaven South in Rotterdam you will find our spacious and well-equipped work shop of 3000 m2. With a crane capacity of 20 tons we can do both small and large construction work.

Europoort Construction B.V. has an experienced service team, for all kinds of construction work on location.

Europoort Construction B.V. works for various clients in and around Rotterdam and it’s surrounded industry . Many clients want their work done by  Europoort Construction B.V.  Because of the reliable and professional impression that Europoort Construction B.V. has built up.

Europoort Construction B.V. delivers customized work. If no standard solution is in place , our knowledge and experience gives you a breakthrough. The professionals of Europoort Construction B.V. which includes Project Managers, Project Supervisors, Certified Welders and Fitters are the starting point for your project.

Europoort Construction B.V. work shop is located at:

Veerweg 12/Noordeinde 1 | 3341 LR, Hendrik Ido Ambacht Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands

Overige vestiging:
Van Riemsdijkweg 70 | 3088 HD Rotterdam

Mobiel: +31(0)6 413 96 707
Mobiel: +31(0)6 218 27 096